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This mock teen’s bedroom makes the perfect interactive current drug trends presentation for parents and professionals.

What: Everything that you need for a dynamic, interactive  presentation to educate about how young people can conceal their alcohol, vaping, and other drug use. The kit contains all of the mock bedroom items, a slide presentation, set up instructions and hand outs.

Cost: $1,500 (plus shipping) to purchase the kit.  Or book a presentation at your  location - call for pricing.

Christine D'Annibale at


Hidden In Plain Sight:

A mock teen bedroom discovery presentation

Volusia Kit Photo.jpg

Over 40 Hidden Items Including: 

  • Vape devices

  • Four Loko

  • Shirts and hats with drug references

  • Fake drugs stashed in hats, shoes, stuffed animals

  • Grinder

  • Items created as stash containers: hair brush, bracelet, tampons, chapstick

  • Rolling papers

  • Blunts

  • Red solo cup

  • and much, much more


Kit also includes bed, bedding, bookcase, table, and bins for set up and transport.

Slide presentation emailed separately

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